me no like poofy hair

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i have a little below the shoulder length type 2bc hair. i would like a little more definition, but not poofy hair. what should i do with my chin length bangs? i like my hair straight, but don't have the time to straighten it every morning. what to do?


  • AngularScienceAngularScience Registered Users Posts: 844 Curl Neophyte
    If you are not willing to let go of shampoo, use a shampoo with sodium laureth sulfate instead of sodium lauryl sulfate. Use a rich conditioner and spray a leave-in conditioner afterwards to keep hair healthy. Then use a styling product like a gel or a creme to keep hair smooth and defined. Garnier Fructis and Sunsilk make nice products you might like, especially if you aren't CG. For the bangs, maybe try some rhinestone clips to keep them out of your face but add some pizzazz?

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