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Has anyone tried it...which products? I'm looking for a face moisturizer for dry skin. TIA
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    Are you talking about the one that Walgreen's sells? "Nature's Finest Alpha Hydroxy" 8% AHA of 70% solution in a black, white, and red tub-like container is what I've been using.

    I heard about this from a co-worker of mine and I've used it for several years with no ill effects. In genera I'd say my very sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin has stabilized or improved while using it.

    I'm currently saving up to make a purchase of some of the products that RedCatWaves (RCW) has suggested but for now this product doesn't irritate my very sensitive, acne-prone skin. I've always had good luck with glycolic acid, and despite the fact that this is a cream it does not make my oily skin worse.

    Good luck!
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    Has anyone tried it...which products? I'm looking for a face moisturizer for dry skin. TIA
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    I've used the souffle and the lotion for oily skin. They are AHA's and they exfoliate. They do what they claim they will do. I'm not using them at the moment because I have another brand that I prefer. I may go back to the Alpha Hydrox brand when I finish what I have because it is cheaper. These products sting, so beware when you use them, and be sure to wear a sunblock or you'll wind up with sun spots. I use my AHA product twice a week at night.
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    they buuurrrrn! apparently you get used to it, but i only use it on the places where i think i'm getting wrinkles because i can't stand the burn.
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