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Why are people so mean?...
This morning at schoo, me and my(naturally straight haired) friend were standing in line at the attendance office. This girl with pin straight hair(I'd love to know how she kept it so straight seeing as it was raining and all..) looked at me with this snotty expression that she has no reason to have because she is really ugly(not being nasty, she really is...) and she started whispering to her friend and she was like "that girl is a DISASTER! look at her hair! she looks like a tornado hit her omg!!..and she's waaay to skinny, her hair makes her look horrible!" It made me want to cry....
And at lunch, I was sitting at the end of the table with my friend, and a bunch of the guys started talking to each other and were like "that girl in the white looks like a dog..." "Yeah she's a f***in werewolf..." and now I'm being called "werewolf" by everybody, even if I do straighten my hair, I live in an area where it's humid, hot, and rainy almost everyday. Also, it doesn't help that I'm mixed and almost everybody in my area is white and has naturally straight hair. People have been mean to me about my hair since elemetary, but today it really hurt me, I don't really know why though. I went home and cried for hours and flat ironed my hair..which I regret because now it feels dead, dry, and fake. Do I deserve to be treated this way because I was born curly and unable to control the weather?...
Why are people so mean?...


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    In the words of SBB, "Ignore the haters."

    When I was in school, I had the same problems. But once I graduated from high school I realized that those kids who made fun of me are the same kids that don't know what the hell to do with themselves now that they're in the "real" world and are not as "special" or "popular" as they thought.

    You just got to let it all roll off like water down the drain. Don't let it get to you!
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    To second what midgi said, don't let it get to you.
    I stopped caring about what people thought a long time ago. I have a shefro and I am PROUD.

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    she right, i have been wearing my hair natural for the most of my young life and i have been pick on in middle school and recevie some nobbish comments behind my back in high school(one year lift)

    those type of ppl are just the numerous ppl that have been brain wash by fake beauty, can't or unable at this time to expand their concept of what is real beauty. that they are unable to handle or love what they were born with.
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    After years of being teased growing up, I found that they kept doing it because I kept reacting to it. Because they see that they've hurt your feelings, they feel better about themselves. It may hurt you to hear these things, but don't let them see that it effects you. Once they see that they won't get a reaction out of you anymore, they won't tease you as much.

    Be proud of your hair, no matter what anyone says!

    midgi is right. All of those people who give you crap now, it won't matter anymore once you get out of high school because you won't see them anymore. That and they'll end up working at some fast food joint while you go and get your dream job. :) So don't sweat it, they'll get what's coming to them in the end!
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    Why? Because mean people suck. Plain and simple.
    They have no meaning to their lives and have to puff themselves up by picking on someone else and putting the attention elsewhere. You have something different (special) about yourself that other people notice and they don't know how to handle it.

    Be proud of your curly hair and your body. You're who you are for a reason. :wink:

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    ((HUGS)). I'm sorry people are so mean. I know it's hard, but here is something I tell myself when others are catty: Happy people don't act that way. If someone is truly happy, they want others to be happy and feel badly for people who aren't. People who are insecure, miserable, or have their own issues are the ones who try to make themselves feel better by picking on others.

    Be proud of yourself and who you are. And watch "Mean Girls" this weekend.
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    It's too bad that people are rude such as that girl. However, I will tell you that most people I have talked with and have seen my curly hair love it. Most people I talk to are sooooo jealous for the natural curls. Trust me it gets better. Maybe that's her problem because her hair won't curl and she's jealous.:wink:

    Chin up!:nike: We are the lucky ones who can walk out the door and almost wash and go with a curly style. No curling iron needed!:)
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    Just remember, not everyone is like that. They are drinking the mean juice and they need a scapegoat to feel good about themselves. Do you want to be a scapegoat or do you feel ready to move on to a more inclusive, kind and self-liking group?
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    I totally understand what you're going through.

    In year 9 I got a lot of people picking on me because of my hair.

    This one girl particularily had it in for me. She:

    a) laughed at me with her friends
    b) stuck chewing gum in my hair
    c) Compared me to a puppet ( we were watching a theatre lighting workshop and the man doing it was using a witch puppet with straggly hair)
    d) told me ON MY BIRTHDAY that I should straighten my hair

    My mum was furious and told the head of year and, if my memory is correct, that girl got into a hell of a lot of trouble and was possibly kicked out of Drama GCSE (apparently she was on her last chance before she did get kicked off the course). I once told my mate Jack about what happened and he told me about the times she had tried being nasty to him.

    The fact that Jack has STRAIGHT hair and was still picked on shows that that girl was a nasty person in general.

    Let's face it. Bullies have problems. And those people you were talking about, they have problems. It can be a low self esteem or family problems or whatever, so they vent out their anger and pick on any one who is the slightest bit different from them and their friends. It, in a sick way, makes them feel better because they believe that they have power over you.

    Do not let anyone get to you. And most importantly, don't let it show that it is getting to you. Seeing you upset makes them feel like they've achieved something.

    Next time someone is mean to you, smile at them. You may not realise it but you can kill your enemies with kindness (not literally kill them, though it could possibly be tempting as they are arrogant, self obsessed t*ts with the face of a constipated pufferfish). It will confuse the hell out of them. Eventually they will stop it you ignore them.

    Or if they say something *****y about your beautiful curly hair, say something like "Yeah well I love my curly hair and I know that a hell of a lot of a people crave curly hair like mine. However, unfortunately for you, nobody wants to be ugly/ an idiot/ an insensitive, small minded jerk who belongs in a pond with all of his/her fellow tadpoles"

    or the shorter

    "I may have curly hair and I can do what I want with it, change it at any point. But sadly for you, you'll be a dumb @$$ forever"

    Remember, everyone who teases you about your evidently gorgeous curls is jealous because they don't look as almighty as you.

    Good luck and kick butt


    p.s: Have you noticed that when there's a special occasion, the most popular hair style is a curly one? Weddings- the blushing bride looking radiant with bouncing curls. It's because curls are very feminine and cute. Go tell little miss-head-so-far-up-own-butt that lol:wink:
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    Its a song called "I wish" by Skee-Lo. I t makes me feel better when Im down (i love the part where the fat guy steals his chocolate:laughing7:)

    But seriously, no matter how you keep wishing for straight hair (get how the song connects now:wink:) its gonna stay curly, so love it.

    your next conversation with that girl should go like this:
    Ugly girl: Im glad I dont have your hair. go straighten it.
    You: Yea...... you have to have real confidence to pull this look off. Sometimes I want to grab the flat iron so I can blend into the wall paper like you do. Then I look into the mirror and see how hot I look and I decide to stick it out one more day. By the way you are unbelievably hideous...... no offense.

    Mabey not exzactly like that but you get the idea.
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  • JodenyseJodenyse Posts: 138Registered Users
    If that doesnt work become a gangster and beat her a**!
    Play a game while feeding the hungry 20 grains at a time:nike:
    Can someone please tell me how to change my Username?!??
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    Their is an upside to this. You're pretty and she is ugly. It seems like she is jealous or maybe even offended by curls. For some reason people are threatened by people who are different and who standout. Trust me I know from experience and I used to cry everyday when people teased me. By highschool it didn't bother me. You can't please everyone though... only yourself.
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