Viviscal Viviscal Viviscal!!!

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I shaved my hair off like Britney due to damage caused by a relaxer and color!! Needless to say I wanted my hair back really bad>>> so once again I turned to taking Viviscal, aloe vera juice, biotin and silica and my hair has grown like crazy, It hasnt been a month yet and I am almost at 1 inch>>> since my head was shaved i can really see the growth now and it is amazing!!! I will post pics at 3 months!!!!:)


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    Without knowing what your hair looked/will look like, bravo to you - what you did takes real guts! Grow Quick:)
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    that's awesome! it must be very liberating to start fresh like that!
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    So,this stuff works then?Please post pics.I'm glad you found something to grow back your hair:toothy7:!
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    Yes it really takes guts, but healthy is more important the damaged hair with length at lest in my opinion. It was very liberating they said that 08 was new beginnings and for me this was JUST ONE OF THE NEW BEGINNINGS!!!:wink: Yes this stuff really works!!! Its amazing to see how fast your hair:toothy7: grows with this stuff!!! Im probably going to post pics from the very beginning shave>>> 1 month, 2 month, and 3 third month..i hope this help some of you guys that are looking for a really good growth product that works w/o any bad side affects!!
  • CaleilaniCaleilani Registered Users Posts: 728
    Okay Vividcurls you sound really excited so it must be working for you! I'll give it a looky-see online.Where do you order from?
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    I wonder if I need to do that. Hubby would have a heard of cattle, but I bleached mine at least 6 times, used semi permanent color on it 10, and used more products than I can even list... hmm.
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    This stuff seems to really work,I've researched it.Also, since I'm on medications it said it won't be a problem and you can take it with or without food.So,now it's just convincing the hubby to let me get it.
    3B-3C, alittle past tailbone length,age:41 years
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    I really dont think that you will be disappointed. I order mine from they have really good customer service and are very professional. I ordered from a company called netnutri before and it seemed like they were running a business from their front living room!!!:thumbdown: lol!! not very professional at all....just a word to the wise. I asked my hubby to shave my head and he was like no Im not going to do that because then you will be mad at me!! lol!!!>>>> He now says i can see you piggy tails coming back!!! :laughing7: >>>>>So I did it myself and I was like what in the he-- did I just do!!!! >>>>> I would take it with food until you see how your body reacts to it.
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    Also wanted to let you curlies know that im using the black box (the old one) again. because they havent got the brand new boxes in yet. I think from here on out i will continue to use the black box.
  • hola_lo2002hola_lo2002 Registered Users Posts: 58
    Hey curlies,

    after reading your reviews, I decided to try it too. Can't wait for my order to come!!! Hopefully it'll work on my hair too...
    Let your dreams live!!!!

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  • mpgirlmpgirl Registered Users Posts: 1,163
    What's the black box?
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    I was wondering if one of u was using viviscal with the Nioxin hair care products? I read on a site that Nioxin was good for optimizing the scalp condition. That way ur hair grows healthier because it unclogs pores and all.
    Let your dreams live!!!!

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  • hola_lo2002hola_lo2002 Registered Users Posts: 58
    Hey! I just received my viviscal boxes. I've been using it for 1 week now. I'm still waiting for my hairtopia vitamins though. I'll keep u posted on how my hair is doing with all these vitamins!!! I did want to buy Hair Formula 37 at first, but I read that you gain weight when u use it. Now let's see the growing progress....
    Let your dreams live!!!!

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    Well I'm up for anything that works. Make sure and let us other curlies know how the progress goes! How much is the viviscal? I'm on more of a budget so I can't afford to spend a ton. hola_lo2002 what hairtopia vitamins are you using? oh and i see your a 3c what blended beauty do you use? i liked the natural side of blended beauty products but i found that the pudding, light styling and regular lotion didn't have enough hold for me.
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    Hey Curlyboho, about Viviscal, you can find all the info on the website . I just recently bought hairtopia at because I noticed on many websites that you can achieve maximum growth when using both products simultaniously. As for the blended beauty products I use, well I only use the light styling lotion plus kicks for curls. They leave my hair moisturised, shiny and not crunchy at all!!! I usually put a very little amount of Fantasia IC gel (the blue one) as a finishing touch. In the past, I used the cury frizz pudding as a gel but I found that Fantasia IC gel does the same thing and is less expensive. The only thing I have to do differently with the IC gel is that i have to sort of dissolve it with water (in my hands, I mix it with water) so that it is distributed more evenly on my hair. It also prevents my hair from being crunchy. I hope these info will be useful to you!!!
    Let your dreams live!!!!

    3B/C; Blended Beauty is my HG!!!

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