Relaxend Ends Coming OFF!

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Hi guys. :D I'm a quiet member of this community. I read and read and you guys have kept me inspired for over a year now :wink: (no relaxer since Sep. '04). Tomorrow I'm going to get the last 1 inch of relaxer cut off!!! My hair is a little bit past my shoulders (I'll post pictures soon) and I am so ready to wear my hair out.

I'm a 3c/4a and I need to know what are the best hydrating products to use during my daily routine. I know that every product isn't for every person but...I just need the basics. My hair is pretty dry so I know I need moisture, moisture, moisture. Ever since I started transitioning I have been drinking so much water to help my hair (and my body) stay healthy.

So please help! No more relaxed ends tomorrow and I have to be sure I use the right products.
Yooooo! ;-) Coily and Springy 3c!
Major PJ! Redken All Soft Conditioner & Biosilk Silk Therapy are my favorites!!

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