Can we do a survey?????

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I know I mentioned this way back, but since this site is so popular I was wondering if you guys (gals) have ever considered a survey where we could post our ages, hair types and climates we live in, and then vote on for moisturizing shampoo, best silicone free frizz reducer, best curl formation gel...etc. That way we could look and say, "hmmm....75 out of 100 people with coarse 3A hair find Xbrand to be the best conditioner..." I know it would be a lot of work, and personally I have no idea if it is too complicated to do online ...but it would be SO SO SO helpful and actually quite interesting to see if there are actually patterns to why some of us like one product while others are hating it.."...Just wondering...


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    I think that is a GREAT idea!!! That's (informally) what I've been trying to do, by asking everyone's opinions on different products all of the time. This would make a great reference source for ideas on new products to try...
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    That is a great idea. But you're also right that it'll require quite a bit of setup and programming. We'll check into how much it would cost us to put something like that together. Cuz I agree, it'd be very helpful info. for all of us!

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    Amy, its a great idea. I'd be willing to help in some way if that helps the whole process!
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    Hi. I know this topic was posted a long time ago, but I was wondering if this survey idea ever materialized. I, too, think it is a great idea to have everyone from different hair type groups rate individual products. That way we'd all get a better idea of how something would work for us. smile.gif

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