Walmart products HELP

I need a list of all the products I can get at a Walmart or Walgreens!
I am a 3b and have been on the no poo for a month now.
I know my hair does not like waxes and all that stuff.
I was using the Garney fruit curl stuff for conditioner, but its not working anymore.
I need a list of conditioners and leave ins.
Thank you


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    This is a great website for you to check out.

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    It lists sulfate/silicone free products and where you can get them.
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    Alberto VO5 conditioners and Suave Naturals conditioners are popular here and should be able to find at Walmart.
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    Walgreens carries a brand called Bioinfusion. Their organics line looks safe. It costs around $7.99 but often on sale for $5.99.

    Loreal Vive conditioner in the bubble gum pink bottle is silicone free. I can't remember the name, cashmere something.
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