SD Alcohol, etc.

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First, I want to thank you for the great site! I was very distraught to discover that the styling product that I have used for years disappeared from the shelves. So, I went online to try and find it, and I came across your site. I really appreciate the reviews. You have brought many products to my attention that I didn't know existed. But, I still haven't found "the" products that work for me.

However, I have two suggestions. First of all, could you include the reviewers' hair types? I am finding that most of your favorites do not work at all on my hair. They actually make my hair frizz! (See Hair Types by Emmalee on the chat board for my hair type.)

Secondly, I can not use anything with SD Alcohol. It destroys my hair in one use. I have hunted down several of the products discussed on this site, only to discover they have alcohol. Could you please make a note of alcohol-free products in the reviews? It would really help me.

Thanks for everything!

smile.gif Cherie

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