I think I need HEEELLP

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Firstly I'm new to the boards, and this is my first post :)
Now let me explain my problem(s).
My hair is curly, (3a I believe) and is also very very very oily (I also have the sweat glands of a man.)

I usually get up early in the morning to wet wash condition my hair to have it ready for the day. I cannot go without shampoo for more then a day! My roots get very oily (I can feel this itchy layer of sticky-ness on my scalp) and the length is a tangled weighed down frizzy mess. Plus since my bangs are extremely short and strange I have to straighten them or else I'll have that whole Elvis hair style going on. . . and when my hair is straight and coated with one day of oil it parts and flattens. Ugh it's horrid.

So, is there something I'm doing wrong that's causing this phenomenon? Or am I just cursed? Are there any cheap products or "home remedies" that are out there to assist me? Helllllp?


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    what products are you using now?
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    I think the extra oily hair could be a result of you washing your hair too often. If you wash your hair everyday, your scalp produces more oil to make up for it.

    Maybe if you try to gradually shampoo less often, that should help with all the extra oil. I think there's more that can be done, but I can't remember offhand. If there is, any of the other curlies feel free to chime in. ;)
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    To help absorb some of the oil, you can get a dry shampoo, which is basically powder that absorbs the oil in the hair. It can also inspire some volume, depending on the person. I've seen the hair powders at Rite-Aid. They have Brunette, Redhead and Blonde powders. You can do this at home with corn starch. Sprinkle a little, and I mean a little, into the roots. When I wear my hair curly, I take a face powder brush and brush it in, because you're actually supposed to brush out the powder. And as we all know...brushes are bad news for curlies. You roots will be slightly lighter because of the corn starch, but it's effective until your scalp adjusts to the CG routine.