My curl/wave is gone! :(

I have not changed products in over a year but my hair looks like it came off of someone else's head since last year. I use Creme of Nature, One C (every other time or I get over conditioned), Tizz No Frizz gel and sometimes Finesse mouse. The Finesse is the only product I have added in the last 6 months. This used to give me 2C waves... now? I am good to get my hair to flip under!

A friend of mine cut my hair on a whim and afterward I had to get it fixed by my stylist. She had to put in several extra layers. More layers than I have had in my life. I'm thinking this could be the problem??

In the mean time, is there anything I can do differently? Ugh, I live in Austria so finding stuff here is hard! I'm going home in 3 weeks to my family in Germany and we have a PX there but it doesn't carry everything.


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    From looking at your older pics, it looks like your hair is gets curlier the longer it gets, especially at the bottom. I'm not familiar with either of the products you're using, but if either have ingredients that end in -cone or -xane, then you're probably getting buildup that's dragging down your waves since the shampoo you're using doesn't contain sulfates. What product brands do you have access to?
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