Edges Are A Terrible Thing To Waste

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I thought it would be a good idea to list how we take care of our edges because I don't take care of them on a regular basis and I want to start doing it. I try not to wear tight headbands and I've thrown out a couple.
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    The subject line for this post was so adorable... :lol:

    I used to be really serious about this while relaxed and transitioning, and I've slacked off lately; this is something I need to start back up on. I try to remember to use a light oil before any gel, sometimes I'll mix a light oil with superthick vitamin-e oil as a way to touch up edges in place of gel.

    Thanks for the reminder, this is gonna be really important as the temperatures drop...
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    thanks for the remind! :D

    I dont put stress on my hairline with tight bands and or puffs per se but I sometime find my idle hads (usisally my left hand) straying for something to play with.

    when it's a band then I'm touhing my hairline
    When it's in twists, I'm touching the crown. Which isn't too bad because I'm not compuluively touching one place.

    I think it's easy to think that since you're natural your edges are autonalically safe, they aren't! :wink:
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    Thanks girls! CottonCandy, I'm glad you liked the title of my post! :D Missthing, I also play in my hair! I have to stop doing this :oops:
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