4a hair, how can you tell....

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when it's overconditioned? For the past few days I been working with it the same way as far as styling, but every time, it just seems to come out fluffyand frizzy, and my curls don't seem to "pop" as much with the products that usually can make it happen...At first I thought it was due to the growing out of my twa but, my curls should still pop, wouldn't they?. Am I overconditioned?

Just a little background: I did the BC to my twa on sept.8...I have condtioned my hair just about everyday since then, however, I've clarified at least 2x, including just 4 days ago....and also have used gentle shampoos, such as Kenra mois.(just this morning, but I always condition after and sometimes leave in some conditioner at night after rinsing product out..

Sorry for the long post, but I just want to know if that's the case, and if so, how do I fix this????!!!!


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    Thats mine when its overconditioned. The curls dont form the same, its really really soft and frizzy. I dont know if you can do this because I dont have to worry about tangles right now, I dont condition every day. I apply a leave in but I dont condition while in the shower. I left conditioner in my head once over night :shock: It was terrible. Can you say overconditioned. Conditioner is a good thing but can turn bad if used too much.
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    yeah, my hair is very short also, and my curls are just mushing together and won't form, My hair feels soft to the touch,owever each strand/curls is string and mushy. They don't seem to have a mind of their own lately.

    I think I'm definitely overconditioned. How did you get over it? Should I just shampoo(sulfate-free) for a few days with no conditioner? Or should I just rinse my hair in the shower everyday with water as opposed to conditioning, until my hair needs it again?

    I just calrified on Friday, but I did a hot oil/conditioning beforehand, conditioned after, then deep conditioned for about 2 hours after....maybe it's too much!!
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    Whew that is tooooo much. My thing is I got curly hair so I have to do less. I shampooed with sulfate free shampoo, applied a leave in, applied my product and just left it ALONE. After that I just switched to condition wash every other day. Deep condition 1x a week. Oh and when I deep condition I only do 20-25 minutes w/ heat.I only shampoo when needed. For me my hair doesnt come back at that moment , but after about a week or so, the curls will start coming back. I stopped all the extra oil ect ect and just follow this.
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    I think I'm getting to be generally overconditioned, too. It's so hard to believe, I never, EVER would've thought that there was such a thing with my hair. But indeed, it does seem to be extra fly-away and soft when I use the DT for more than 30 minutes, and when I load in too much leave-in.

    It feels counter-intuitive to condition less, but it seems to be what my hair needs. I'd read that after doing CG for awhile, you might need to condition less, and I guess that's what happened. I've been on CG for about a year, and had all of my texturized hair cut out last March. I guess this means that my hair is finally fully healthy.

    To be sure, the flyaway look is not cute at all, so I'm trying to adjust.
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    I never would've thoguht it possible either, especially wiht my hair type which tends to be on the dry side. But as we speak it's fuzzy and dry looking, but yet feels so soft. I guess tomorrow, I'll wash with my Grand Poo Bar and do a regular conditioning rinse. Ihope it works out. From then on I will just rinse the product out of my hair every night without adding conditioner. Then wet my hair in the morning before styling, then add my leave-in. Is a leave-in okay, if it's meant to be left in or is that still overcondintioning?? I'm assuming I still need moisture...

    I can't beleive I actually slept in cond. a few times last week.. :roll:
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    When my hair is over-conditioned it's super-duper limp, soft and can't hold a style at all.
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    Curly Q,

    Did you Wash with Sulfate-free Shampoo everyday for a week, then switch to co wash every other day, or just once with Sulfate-free, then co, wash every other day?
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    i think conditioner is often overused by most people.

    to me, if your hair is healthy, i.e., moisturized, elastic, and free from breakage, and you have a healthy residue-free scalp, your hair doesn't need to be conditioned (or conditioner rinsed) daily. maybe just once weekly.

    the whole purpose of conditioners is to coat one's hair to put back everything that was shampooed out. if you find a mild shampoo or shampoo bar that doesn't strip your scalp and hair, you may find that you don't need to follow with a rinse-out or leave-in conditioner as much.

    a very little oil smoothed on to the ends of one's hair may be all the conditioning that is needed.
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    Dood point rainshower, about over conditioning. I do wonder if too much conditioning could be damaging. Less curl definitiion as a result of too much product is one thing but could there be any other consequences?