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I was looking thru Marie Claire magazine (I know I shouldn't read that trash but w/e) and came across two ads two pages away from one another:
1st one is by conair for some steam straightener, has a pic of a messy, curly version of the woman in the main pic pics052.jpg
The second one by TIGI:
This woman is wearing a see-thru shirt and red bra! Like what are they trying to say here? curly women are loose and crazy?

I don't know how intentional it was but it just struck me as odd.


  • SoaringSirenSoaringSiren Posts: 765Registered Users
    I think it might be the BedHead brand in particular. They try to appeal to a younger, hip demographic. I guess they assume that this is the type of stuff the fun young folks wear.

    I know I definitely do NOT dress like that though.
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    jillipoo wrote: »
    Boy, it really depends on the gel (and the weather, and the position of the stars, and what kind of mischief Britney Spears has gotten into).
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    I love the hair!! *the see through shirt? :thumbdown:

  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Posts: 15,402Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    With that eye makeup she reminds me of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.
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    If you look at the words in the Bed Head ad it works, its fun! curly girls don't always have to be serious.. She is flirty and if she is in bed flirting with her man or woman its not like she is gonna stay dressed for long. :evil1:

    And if I had to steam my curls straight I wouldn't look all that happy either. why the straighty is soo dower looking..
  • tika curltika curl Posts: 13Registered Users
    The TIGI ad isn't comparing her to a straight-haired girl that looks serious or anything. I think the earlier post is right, that the brand generally just markets to the younger, irreverent girl. Whether her hair is straight, wavy, or curly.
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    Well, it is "Bed"head... maybe that's what she's wearing to bed (and, presumably, she is not alone!). As far as ads go, I kind of like it, and I LOVE her wild hair!
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    I wonder if this line of curl products is in addition to their catwalk curls rock?

    I see the shampoo is sulfate free
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    I think plenty of people dress like the Tigi model in the privacy of their own boudoir. I think the ad is trying to sell it as sexy, not necessarily loose and crazy. Can't really blame a flat iron company for trying to sell straight hair. Just my humble opinion.
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