Grow Out Challenge

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We are starting a new Grow Out Challenge in (of all places) The Transitioning Forum. Anyone interested? Also, anybody who has run/participated in one, guidance would be most welcome!

Curls,Coils,Waves & WhatKnot:geek:
3miii/My HGs tame bulk&frizz/Give definition w/o crunch
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  • ebzonixebzonix Registered Users Posts: 411
    sure, sign me up
    CBL Stretched: Reached! July '09
    Full SL stretched: Reached, then trimmed off. Dec '09
    Even, full NL unstretched
  • baadman28baadman28 Banned Banned Users Posts: 1
  • Melanie_LinnMelanie_Linn Registered Users Posts: 457
    i'll join, sign me up!
    3c/4aMCiii normal/low porosity med elasticty

    Shampoo- JC Hydrating Invigorating poo, Alaffia Shea & Virgin Coconut Enriching Shampoo, CV poo bars
    Rinse out- Natures gate hemp, GSAS
    Leave in- GDLI, Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Leave in
    DT- Still working on that
    Styler- Ecostyler Crystal, Queen Helene Royal Curl Creme
    Sealer- castor, Shea butter,jojoba oil

    I don't know how well I'll keep it up, my blog The Lions Mane
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