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Yesterday a few of my family members saw my new BC for the first time and I have to admit I was not expecting the comments i got. Now I'm feeling a little down. I was warned I was going to get some rude comments. It went something like this:

Cousin C: It looks awesome.
Dad: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!! I thought when you said you were cutting your hair short you meant to your shoulders!
Uncle K: Why did you cut all that long beautiful hair off!
Cousin D: It looks.......................nice.
Grandama: *takes one glance and walks away mumbling things I wish not to type*
Auntie P: It looks great, not everyone can rock a short hairdo.

I told myself that I wouldn't let some of the comments get to me but it has. In my family I am known for having long beautiful hair and now that I don't they're treating me differently. At least now I know where I stand.
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    Although I can't say I know how you feel... (yet, since I have yet to do my BC - the critics will come out in droves i'm sure...) I will say hang in there and know you are beautiful no matter what others say!
    *big hug*!!
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    so sorry to hear that your family got you down. :sad8:

    My mom had hair down past her shoulders and after she cut it super short my father would not talk to her for over a week. I mean not one word. i understand people have different preferences as to length...but honestly, it's YOUR hair. You should be able to do what you want without others making you feeling guilty about it.

    Rock your new 'do and forget about everyone else! :toothy7:
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    I'm sorry. Stay strong, it's your hair and yours alone.
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    I'm sorry they made you feel sad. I'm sure you look beautiful! They might not have even been reacting to how it looks on you, though. We all know there are a lot of meanings and nuances attached to hair in our cultures in general, and our families can get very invested in what certain things about out appearances mean to them. I'm experiencing something mildly similar by simply planning to dye my hair red instead of blonde in a couple of days. The problem with that in my family is that they're mostly Greek, and they can't understand why anyone would want to be anything but the blonde feminine ideal they were so happy to have supposedly achieved in creating me. The most relaxed reaction I've gotten so far to my plans is a half-hearted "Well, you can dye it back once you get tired of it." It has nothing to do with how beautiful or flattering the new hair style or color might even be on us - they just want us to stay what they think it means to them. For myself, I'm just trying to remember it can be very disconcerting to be forced to reevaluate who you thought a beloved family member was, and see them suddenly in a whole new light, however silly it is that it's a hairstyle that precipitates it.

    SBB and the others are right - stay strong, it's your hair, and I'm sure anyone who doesn't have a personal investment in having you stay what they want you to be can see clearly that you rock the new 'do. :D
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    I'm sorry the people you count on weren't more supportive of you. Sometimes people don't get that you just want support and not necessarily approval. And its an ego blow when you are known for your "crowning glory" to adjust to being without it. Stay strong, you know why you did it. Its hair and it grows or you may love it this way or some other way or whatever. Those who **get it** will be there for you long, short or kojak!

    Keep you eyes on the prize:)
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    They'll get over it soon, I'm sure. It's nice to know that you got some nice compliments though. I personally like the one from your aunt. That's a big compliment! I say you should focus on the good compliments and forget about the bad ones.

    My mom is also one of those people that doesn't like short hair. Every time I tell her I'm getting a cut, she feels the need to advise me to 'not cut it too short.' And she's someone who considers shoulder length to be too short! It's my hair though so I still do what I want to do to it anyways. I've gotten BC's before that she didn't like. But she got used to it. Hair grows back anyway, afterall!
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    I'm sorry they are not being very supportive. If it was my family I would just tell them it's hair and it will grow back.:tongue5:
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    I'm sorry to hear that. I in some way know how you feel, my family would always comment on my hair, either it's growing or 'did you cut your hair?', with that question my dad would get so angry and rant off to my mother. When I had gotten bangs for the first time, he ranted on and on about why she let me cut my hair. It's a shame that he didn't like it, but he got over it. In the long run, they'll all get over it and get used to loving you for you and not your hair.
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    You'll have to find comfort in yourself. I suck it up really. My told me yesterday to get a relaxer LOL and I just laughed and said, nope! People comment on my hair, my weight, my car of choice, what I eat, what I wear... if I took every comment to heart I'd be in a fetal position LOL
    BTW, family members are the worst critics!
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