Hair help for a confused teen??

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I am 15 years old and am sad to say my mother just stopped doing my hair last year.

I've worn ponytails for 15 years pretty much and have had my hair relaxed since I was 8.
At the moment, I trying to let the relaxer grow out and would love ideas and help learning other ways to manage my hair.

Also...sorry to say that besides the relaxing, I also dye my hair. I know that neither of those things are good for me but I can't help it at times!
I'm not really to sure on the type of hair I have also. I happen to think it's 3B, but with a relaxer slowing working it's way out I can not really tell.

But I do always have EXTREMELY frizzy hair and can get knots easily.

So I've uploaded several pictures.
One's when I'm about 7, before the relaxers started and the first and third one are most recent, maybe only a year apart.
Will start wearing her curls pretty soon!:blob7:


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    I'm not sure what your question is. Is it about hair typing? You look like a 3C to me in that first picture.

    In any case, your curls look really cute, especially in that picture when you were younger! Good luck going the natural route. It might be in an awkward stage now, but I am sure that soon all your patience will pay off.
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    You should check out Also, read some posts from the 3C forums for more tips. I'm sure if you cross post your specific questions you will find what you are looking for.

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