home made deep conditioners

Curly939RedheadCurly939Redhead Registered Users Posts: 14
do homemade conditioners work as well as they are supposed to???
i found this site and the author pretty much swears by those products.
I don't know if i try making one..... (like #4 for example) My hair is extremely thick, and frizzy, i have wavy ish hair on the top and type 3C hair on the bottoms..
not sure! can anyone help? Has anyone ever made one themselves?
extremely thick red hair. Top is 3B bottom is 3C. Random straight pieces at the back... don't know how they got there

*Learning to accept her wild hair* :compress:


  • curlyarmocurlyarmo Registered Users Posts: 65
    i use homemade conditioners once a week and i think they're great! i used the mayonaise home made conditioner once and it really made my hair real soft and smooth, but it can kinda get messy in the shower, but now i just use honey or olive oil on my hair once in a while!

    thick, 3b curls

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