Frizzy curly hair?

CoolCourtney0178CoolCourtney0178 Registered Users Posts: 6
I have naturally curly hair but have gotten it straightened over the past 2 yrs. Its totally damaged my hair and i don't want to do it anymore. I'm getting my hair cut a little past my shoulders on Tuesday and want some advice. I have tight curls and i want them to be loose. What products....and how to scrunch it. Please help I wanna look good =D Plus half my hair is still straight but I'm getting some of it cut off so it should be curlier .


  • Curly939RedheadCurly939Redhead Registered Users Posts: 14
    don't know what to do about making your curls looser but for the parts that are still straight, i'd say use a curl enhancing creme or spray then apply a bit of mouse while your hair is a bit wet. wrap small sections around your finger and the straight peices might get a bit wavy-er.
    I have a few random straight peices in the back of my hair and thats what i do. But the peices in my hair are naturally there so i'm not sure if it will work the same. Hopefully it does
    extremely thick red hair. Top is 3B bottom is 3C. Random straight pieces at the back... don't know how they got there

    *Learning to accept her wild hair* :compress:

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