Where can I buy Aubrey Organics products?

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So I finally finished my Elucence products and I am so ready to buy the Aubrey Organics Rose Mosqueta shampoo and the GPB conditioner. I don't want to buy it online, I am looking for stores that sell them at good prices?

Thank you beautiful ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Depending on where you live, most natural foods stores carry Aubrey Organics products. Whole Foods Market usually has it. So does Vitamin Shoppe. I'm not sure about the prices, though.
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    I have only seen Aubrey Organics products at healthfood stores like Wholefoods or Wild Oats. They usually cost a few dollars more at retail stores, but then you're not paying for shipping.

    If you haven't used a soap-based shampoo before, it may feel a lot different on your hair. I use a mild vinegar rinse (2 tbsp + 2 cups water) after using AO shampoos. It helps get rid of shampoo residue and is supposed to restore the hair's acid balance.

    I've tried just about all the AO conditioners and a few of the shampoos. My favorites are the honeysuckle rose shampoo and white camellia conditioner. I didn't care much for the honeysuckle rose conditioner, it was too heavy and did nothing for detangling.
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    On the small chance you live in San Diego, Jimbo's grocery store carries what seems to be the whole line.
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