Less Curl After pregnancy

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Hi ladies,
I've notice that after having my beautiful daughter who is now two i have a lot less curl then i used to. I'd like to blame a little on how much i straighten it and on coloring, but i'm just wondering if it will ever be as curly as it used to be. If anyone knows anything about this i'd love to hear it :)
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    I have this exact same problem I don't know if it's having my son who is now 5 or if it's do to excessive hair coloring . :? I think the plopping has hepled me get back some of the curl but it's no where near as curly as it was before, its like it takes soooo much more work to get it to look nice now, do you have this same problem too?
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    You know after I had my oldest my hair went SO curly I couldn't do anything with it, then after my daughter my hair was stick straight for about three years...I had two more boys after her and now my hair is back to it's original curliness.

    Some people will tell you that hormones can't change the hair follicle, but I do believe they can. I even joked after I had Madi that I needed to hurry up and have another baby so that I could get my curls back.
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    When I was pregnant, my hair was awful -- I had limp, droopy hair and an itchy flaky scalp. Yuck. It did bounce back to normal though (thankfully).
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    I just had my second baby in 2 years. he was born on Oct 21st.
    after my first son was born, a lot of my hair fell out. it got much thinner but did not really lose the curl,after 6 months or so it started to grow back in fully again and went back to the way it was before the pregnancy. This time I do not seem to be shedding as much. my hair is still curly. I think the fact that I do the CG routine and it is healthier/more moisture is helping.
    Hormones definately can cause changes in your hair. I actually had wavy-straight hair until I reached adolescence. at 13-14 my hair turned into the 3a it still is today.
  • Oregano  (formerly babywavy)Oregano (formerly babywavy) Registered Users Posts: 5,297 Curl Neophyte
    Mine did. I don't know if it went back to as curly as it was, or I just re-trained myself on how to style the new texture. I know I had a lot of hair loss, that probably contributed to decrease in curl.
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    My hair lost curl with all four of my pregnancies. My youngest is now six and my hair is as curly or curlier than it's ever been. Pregnancy does change things, but at least in my case, it wasn't forever.
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    I am glad that I found this. I posted the same question/kind if post a few days ago, and no one will respond. :(

    My curls got looser, and bigger after my DD was born. She was born almost 2 yrs ago. It takes more effort to get my curls to look right. My curls stay close to the head. I nursed her for 18 months. I didn't stop until after I found out I was pregnant with my son. It became uncomfortable to nurse and I was so sick. I am now 24 weeks pregnant with him.

    I think it is because my hair hasn't had a chance to "be" on its own. I have went from pregnancy to nursing, and back to pregnancy, with no break in between. I will likely nurse DS for at least 2 years, so it may be another 2 1/2 years before I can see if my hair will go back completely. Lol

    I just wonder if anyone else has had this happen?
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    Jenndill, I've posted on some old threads about how having kids wrecked my hair. Lost all my curl (which wasn't that consistent to begin with). It took forever - probably 4 1/2 years after my second kid - but mine did finally recover (I'm 5 years post-partum now). Mine were spaced about 2 years apart, and I breasfed, so there wasn't much time in between really to get back to normal. I honestly didn't think my curl would ever come back, but it has. It's at least as curly as it was before, maybe a little more so. Most of my curly friends with kids have similar stories of it taking longer than they expected.

    So there's hope! But you'll probably need to be patient and maybe learn a new routine for the interim.
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