I just feel weird

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Beware: Paranoid rambling to ensue

I love my curls, let me start off by saying that. But sometimes, since I cut my hair, I feel like people are treating me differently.

I went into a shop today where I know the owner pretty well. I saw her as I walked in and greeted her. She did a double take at my hair, greeted me in return and then said nothing. She usually talks me ear off when I go in there.

I took my 20 month old to his first day at Mother's Morning Out and it just seems as if people are staring down at me, not smiling at me as much. Maybe I am just paranoid.

I mean, I do look a lot different. My DH has told me that he prefers long straight hair , but will love me no matter what I decide to do, but sometimes I even feel that he is treating me differently.

I'm a pretty friendly, happy person. I get along with just about anyone and can usually start a conversation with anyone, so I don't normally feel that people don't like me without good reason (better reason than me now being nappy).
AM I just paranoid? Has anyone else experienced this?
Someone slap some sense into me please :)
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    I sure it's all in your mind. When we feel extra self-conscious about ourselves. It tends to magnify everything else.
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    Forget what other people think. How do YOU feel about yourself? How do you feel wearing YOUR VERY OWN hair? The hair that God gave you & that "fits" w/the rest of you? How do you feel not spending an arm & a leg on chemicals? How do you feel being the real you?

    I can understand where you're coming from. I'm preparing myself for the BC in about 3 months. I know it's gonna be a shock & I've already told my hairdresser not to take it personally if I start to cry. :toothy7:

    OTOH, I can't wait to be me again!

    We are who we are on the inside. We aren't what we look like on the outside (although I'm fairly certain you're absolutely adorable :wink:). Have patience, your hair will grow. In the meantime focus on everything else you love about yourself.

    Did that help at all?

    ETA: OK I just looked at your pics. Your hair is fabulous! You are most definitely being self conscious!
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    I have to say, even before I became pro curly, I have always loved seeing AA women with their hair natural! I think the tightly coiled curls are just to die for. I personally think you look so much better without the relaxed hair!
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    I only got weird looks from people that knew me with straight/long hair. Of course if you do something as drastic as cut all your hair off you might get a few "WTF" looks. I admit I've given friends the same look when they transitioned. Not necessarily because they looked ugly, but because I didn't understand why they cut their beautiful long hair in the first place.

    I look different with curly hair. I sometimes can't even recognize myself. But you can't pay attention to what others think, that's not why you went back to natural hair. I try to put myself in other's shoes and try to see it from their end. You also have to show them how confident you are with your hair. I notice that people talk to my hair *LOL* when I wear it out, especially when it comes out big and puffy. I just ignore them. At the end of the day its none of their business anywayz. :compress:
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    I usually prefer natural hair, but, in some cases, relaxing can help making curls more manageable (like Oprah). It doesn't mean you have to wear your hair straight either.
    The important thing is that you feel happy and confident with your hair, and others do play a great role in that, unfortunately, by giving feedback in our look, even if they don't mean it.
    We put a lot of stuff in our hair, that obviously change the way it looks "naturally". Why this prejudice against relaxing? It's silly.
    You could be somewhat paranoid though. Or not.

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