Love'n Life after the BC

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Hi Ladies,

I just bc'd last night! First I cheered, then I went in shock! Honestly, I know it will take some time getting use to it. But I don't regret my decision. It was the first step to discovering my true beauty. And I am really love'n life after getting that relaxed hair off my head and seeing my curlies!

I have a few questions that I find myself facing that I didn't really think about before. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

1. How do I make my curls pop?!

2. What can I use on a daily basis to make my hair soft and shiny?

3. What can I wear on my head at night? The satin scarf flattened my curls. How about a Jerry curl cap? (clearly I don't know)

4. Lastly, where can I get these products?



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    Congrats on the BC! It takes some getting used to, though I still haven't really gotten used to mine yet and it has been almost 2 weeks.

    I will just answer the last 2 questions since I am still trying to figure out the first 2 myself :)

    3. Why dont' you try a satin pillowcase or a bonnet? both do not squish my curls as much.

    4. You can get a lot of products online, at Sally's, and walmart or any drug store.

    I hope someone else can help you with the first 2 questions :)
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    It was the first step to discovering my true beauty.
    that is such a lovely statement. Congratulations.

    Curls a poppin? Conditoner your hair a lot and use a leave-in conditioner. Deep treat. Wait for your hair to get used to its new state. Texture tends to adjust and change after a BC.
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    Thank you for your reply. I've heard a liquid leave in conditioner is better than creme based. Do you agree? And which leave in do you recommend?

    And you said condition my hair alot. I condition it once a week, that's it. Should it be more?

    I will try a satin bonnet. It has to be better than a satin scarf. Thanks for your quick reply.

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