I'm saved! My heroes!

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Just wanted to thank you ladies, for the site and the new chat board! My system was not compatible for some reason with the old chat board system (Java?). So, I was really sad that I couldn't tap into the support and advice. I was thrilled to enter the website a few nights ago and find out NOW I CAN!!!

My entire life I had to hear htat good hair/bad hair garbage! I feared doing anything to my hair, other thanstraightening it with a relaxer. When I wanted to go natural, I couldn't find anyone that knew enough about curly hair to support my endeavor.

Now, with the help of this site, I know there is hope! Other women with my hair type DO wear their hair naturally, ...and so can I!

(With some patience and hardwork of course, but it sure beats fighting nature all the time)!

Thank you for changing the board, and thank you for being here, and iving me hope!



  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Our pleasure! Thanks for joining the Naturallycurly.com gang....

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