New here!

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I'm new here, and I think my hair is 3b/c.
I follow the curly girl routine and use Suave conditioner for everything-- washing, conditioning, and styling :D

here are some pictures; any comments or tips are welcome!

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  • babyphat21babyphat21 Posts: 124Registered Users
    wow your hair is very pretty! :D i like how your curls are not superglued with have a much more natural look. you only use suave and nothing else?? you're lucky. i can style with suave but i have to add a tiny amount grease to make it stay.
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    Welcome to the site! :)

    You have very pretty curls! I especially like the darker pic.

    Oh, and you do appear to be a 3b/c combo.
    A wonderful mix of coils, curls, corkscrews, and kinks.

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    PW: curlyhair

    I have a blog now. Follow meeeee! :)

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    awesome hair pics! i like how your texture is messy without looking...yucky. :D
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    WELCOME :D I really like your hair!!! Thanks for sharing pictures.
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