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After years of having only flat head friends, it's nice to finally find some people who understand! I want to think the "three working women" so much for putting this together. Also, how long has this site been up? I discovered it a month ago.
Thanks again, because of all you I feel more confident of my curls!


  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Thanks so much for the great feedback. We've been up since October and it's been growing by the week. Please continue to give us feedback. We want to be sure we're meeting the needs of all the curlyheads out there.
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    Curly & Confident & MAD THOUGH! About three years ago, I managed to make peace with my hair. Now, I have a black chick friend getting married, and despite previous support from her and others about how cute I look (and I know I do!!), she wants me to get my hair hot combed for the wedding. I have been so happy to get away from damaging heat . . . I just can't believe it, and don't understand; almost as if, well, you guys know, you're not acceptable in some circles if you're hair is not "done" to their standards. I also happily discovered the no-combing stuff, but my dear mom really thinks something is wrong, that she never sees me run a comb through it any more, when I wear it happy and crazy . . .

    Glad the Three Chicks are here, you are changing lives . . .

    by the way, the book that REALLY changed my life back then: Good Hair: For Colored Girls Who've Considered Weaves when the Chemicals Became Too Ruff; Lonnice Brittenum Bonner apx $12

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