I Don't Have A Nappy-versary :(

msjokermsjoker Posts: 1,658Registered Users
I know a number of women have nappy-versaries but I don't really remember when I was 100% natural. I know the general time-frame but not the exact date. Is there anyone else who doesn't have a nappy-versary?
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  • atlantisrisingatlantisrising Posts: 263Registered Users
    I don't have one either, so I guess I just have to celebrate the whole month of May! :lol:
  • msjokermsjoker Posts: 1,658Registered Users
    LOL! That's so cool. I also became 100% natural sometime in May 8)
    "It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."
  • pacammipacammi Posts: 206Registered Users
    Don't feel bad. I've cut my hair so many times I'm not sure when to celebrate. April, May, July and August. Maybe I'll just celebrate all four!
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    Oh y'all, that's just her crazy showing.
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    I guess lying on my back, in the middle of a studio, breathing and making vowel sounds for an hour for two years paid off. :)