Pollen and facial skin discomfort? HELP!!!

I have Googled the subject, but I cannot find anything. I don't spend a lot of time outdoors during pollen season, but every time I come in from outside, my face feels like one of those dry, cracked riverbeds you see in pictures.

I mean, it feels like that a good portion of the time anyway, but it's a different sort of dry feeling.

I feel like I have a fine layer of dust on my face, but when I go to the mirror, I see nothing.

I've resorted to carrying face wipes and wiping my face down after coming in from outdoors--and it does help--but as I've posted before, my skin is dry and EXTREMELY sensitive and even this limited manipulation of my facial skin is causing discomfort.

I should add that my allergy tests are almost off the charts for pollen allergies. Amazingly, even though I have asthma, I don't have too many problems beyond the usual sneezing.

Is there something else I can try? Does pollen really coat one's face that much during a 1-2 minute walk from car to office building? Or am I so sensitive to pollen that the slight bit that does get on my face tends to bother me more than the average person? Does anyone else have this problem?


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    I forgot to add: my lips sometimes feel funny, too. They don't LOOK swollen, but they feel really dusty and strange. However, after I wipe my face after coming inside, the lips feel back to normal, while my face just feels raw-ish.
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    I'm allergic to pollen and trees, but I never experienced this pollen build-up that you see. It might be only dust.

    I just take an allergy medicine every morning in critical pollen season.
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    Try an anti-histamine.
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    I had that problem last year, despite taking a prescription antihistamine, doing an inhaler and using prescription eye drops. I even asked the dermatologist if I could use some type of barrier lotion. He gave me something people use for chemo. It didn't help. I started to do Ion detox last November. This Spring, I am significantly better. While everyone else is complaining about terrible allergies, mine aren't bad.

    Ion detox is controversial. I can only say that it seems to have helped me. I also have roseaca, and the redness from that has toned down enough that my family commented.
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    i'm going through the same thing right now and NOTHING helps! and for me, it's much worse because my walk to and from the office is 15 minutes each way through a river valley dense with birch and willow trees -which are the 2 things i am most allergic to in the entire world.

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    I've had reactions to pollen (redness, itching) but nothing as severe as you describe. For me, just rinsing my face with water and using a tiny bit of Benadryl cream on the reddest parts usually helps. This year I'm on Zyrtec which seems to work a lot better for me than anything else did, and I am not having skin reactions any more.

    What do you normally use on your face? Perhaps you're using detergents that break down the acid mantle, so your skin is much more vulnerable to pollen and irritation. If so, perhaps RCW's suggestions for non-detergent cleansers would help.
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    Last year, and the year before, my facial skin was much worse. I would develop 2 little raw, red patches about the size of a fingernail on the apple of each cheek. I have seborrheic dermatitis on my face and that would always be in a continual flare until pollen season was over.

    I haven't had much flare of the SD this season, and only 1 very tiny raw area on the apple of one cheek. I'm not having so much itchiness this year, but just this horrible dusty feeling. I do, however, have a little bump developing on the bottom of one eyelid.

    I really think it's the pollen, because by the time summer comes I don't have any of these problems anymore. I don't use any cleansers on my face, haven't yet gotten around to getting anything to date.

    I'm reallyreallyreallyreallyreally allergic to all pollens and trees. It's a wonder I don't very ill during pollen season, but while I do sneeze and sniffle a lot with a little throat scratchiness, I rarely get anything worse.
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    you never saw anyone as happy as i was walking home in a downpour last night! rain washing all that awful pollen out of the air.

    the only thing that helps me is having a shower and changing clothes as soon as i get home. and i run a Hepa filter in my bedroom.
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