Any UK curlies using the RCW method?

Twirly GirlTwirly Girl Posts: 53Registered Users
I'm interested in buting some PSF products to do the RCW method, but as I'm in the UK was wondering if any fellow UK curlies had already started the method and what success they'd had and how the costs worked out - i.e is it all worth it!



  • PigletPiglet Posts: 1,451Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I'm in the UK and am using the PSF cleanser and occasionally the BHA. I also have jojoba oil that I got from a health shop near me. I'm not sure how it's working out for me, acne-wise. I don't think my skin is much different. I was pleased with my skin during my period, but then it flared up right after. One big change is that my skin is much less oily, and that's very welcome.
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  • Twirly GirlTwirly Girl Posts: 53Registered Users
    Thanks Piglet.

    My skin can be oily generally, but it's managable with the products I use. It does go a bit nutty in the summer, oily with small whiteheads in my t-zone, but it's managable with certain products (Paula Begoun). The only problem is it goes in a cycle of flaring up, the products do their work but my skin gets dried out so I leave off the products for a bit and then it flares up again!

    I guess I just want a solution that works and won't freak my skin out, but I'm reluctant to order a lot of stuff that might not be any different to what I've used.
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    Is there a link to the "RCW method"?
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