Salons/stylists in Calgary?

acacia54acacia54 Registered Users Posts: 42
I found three on the site, but they're a lonnnnng ways from home. I'm in the northwest, if someone has a recommendation.

Mostly 3b/some 3a using CHS Curl the moisture kit and loving it so far. Even the poo, and definitely the CK!


  • likethegumlikethegum Registered Users Posts: 494 Curl Neophyte
    I'm bumping this! I'm in Calgary too, and would love to find a stylist that will cut my hair while it's dry.
    3b/3a - CG since 04-30-2009
    fine texture, med porosity

    GTTT, Live Clean, EO Sweet Orange
    Condish: Calia, AO Rosa Mosqueta/White Camellia/Honeysuckle Rose/Island Naturals/GPB, ABBA Pure Gentle, Desert Essence Shea Butter
    DT: Usually just use one of my richer conditioners, sometimes add oils or honey
    Gels: Homemade FSG!!!, Druide, BRHG, Alba Soft Hold Style Cream,

    experimenting with: honey, agave, oils, butters, ACV, Curls Milkshake, more conditioners

  • NatatatNatatat Registered Users Posts: 28
    Also in need of a Calgary stylist!
  • MeeshlaMeeshla Registered Users Posts: 35
    Did you find anyone? I am looking for a stylist in Calgary. NE preferably, but I'll drive anywhere for a good cut.
    Started CG: April 16th, 2012
    2b, medium fine, thick, average porosity

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