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Hey, I have mostly 3a hair, but the back tends to get a bit limp and lank. I normally just dry it with a diffuser, using umberto gianni curls gel, and it works quite well. However, the one problem is, I really want longer hair, but it has pretty much stopped growing, its probably around 16 inces long and that is the longest it has ever been... im 20 now! I have never had anything more that a couple of cms trimmed off at a time, and even then I only get it trimmed a couple of times a year. I have been thinking about getting some curly extensions put in underneath at the back, but I'm worried I wont be able to style them like the rest of my hair and that I would also look a bit daft if I pin my hair up with extensions in. Does anyone have any info/thoughts you could help me with??


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    I've been wearing extensions since a bad straightening experience about 1.5 years ago. Honestly, I can't stand them. They're uncomfortable & I've come to the conclusion that extensions are really for straight hair, they don't work well w/curls. Reason being like 99% of curly hair extensions are permed--finding naturally curly hair extensions are just this side of impossible. Not to mention there are so many different types of curls, the chances of you finding extensions that match your curls are slim to none.

    There's also a very high risk of damaging your own hair w/extensions. There are a variety of methods out there, but unless you're willing to take out a mortage on your hair chances are you'll experience damage & potentially even more hair loss.

    I wear Great Lengths cold fusion--AKA the "lambroghini" of extensions. They're obscenely expensive. While the service & hair is fabulous, even these upscale professionals can't quite match my curl. I have enough natural curl grown back that I'm on my last batch of hair & will have them removed over the summer. I cannot wait!

    My advice for you: take the right vitamins, look into some hair treatments like Monoxidil & laser hair therapy. Extensions are expensive, high maintenance & likely will not match your own hair.
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    I completely agree with TooSense. I have a friend with naturally 2b/c type hair and she had curly extensions put in a while ago. They looked amazing, but they were very high maintenance. You can't wash them everyday, or even every other day because they don't have the natural oil production your hair has. Also, they need to be redone about every month or so depending on how your hair grows and how well you have been taking care of them. This is lots and lots of $$$$. She spent $400 initially, and around $200 or so every time she went back in to retouch.

    Finally, she had them removed and ended up having to chop her BSL hair to her shoulders due to the damage she accumulated from random pieces tearing out here and there.

    But there are many ways you can have these done, some less damaging than others but more temporary. If you do decide to go for it, I would recommend planning on spending a decent amount of money. Many stylists can do extensions well enough, but if the quality of the hair is "cheap" it won't matter how good of job they do, it's priced according to quality. I would buy the extensions separate and bring them in, that way you can determine the precise match to your curls and ensure it feels and looks nice as well.
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    Thank you both for the advice... Im still not sure what I want to do but I think my first thing would be to go to a good salon and get them to look at my hair and say what they would recommend. I hadn't really thought about the consequences of bad extensions!! I can't imagine having utterly ruined hair. I will give it a lot of consideration.

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