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Hi thre,

I am new to trying to wear my hair curly. I have thick hair and lots of it, it's shoulder length. It was always pretty straight until I stopped nursing my second baby 7 years ago. Then it got somewhat curly. I wore it curly sometimes for a very short time but then cut it short (it had almost no curl short). Recently I've grown it out and noticed more and more curl as it grew. If I let it air dry it has some wave but looks really messy. If I dry it with some product and a diffuser, I get great curls, kind of loose ones, but definitely what I'd call curly not just wavey.

here's my problem. It won't stay that way! It'll look great right after I diffuse it, but then it will slowly fall into just waves that look messy. I've tried leaving it somewhat damp ( the if you like it wet you'll like it dry-idea) but as it dries it just looks worse and worse. So everyday since trying to go "curly" and not use my flat iron, I've ended up pulling it back into a clip in an effort to not look a mess.

I'm a styling product junkie with a bunch of stuff under my cabinet. Right now, I'm using Redken's Fresh Curls shampoo and conditioner. A little Frizz-Ease, Silk Therapy & [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink], and Friss-Ease Dream Curls (not a lot of any of them). I have a bunch more stuff but this is what I've been trying. Today, I tried spraying with Matrix Curl Life hairspray (don't think I like this) and when that didn't work, I sprayed with Paul Mitchell's Freeze and Shine. It seems to be holding some but I haven't gone outside yet or done much, and the curls are a little crunchier than I'd like.

Any tips? I've read the CG book and am intrigued by the no poo idea but haven't really tried it because I just bought the Redken shampoo and conditioner (ironically, right before I got the book!). Can you do a conditioner only "wash" with a conditioner that has silicones in it? I wasn't sure. Plus I was worried that the products I have aren't compatible with a no poo life--will they build up? I'm a daily shampooer so it will be difficult for me to change, although I didn't shampoo at all yesterday.

I know those are a lot of questions/issues, but can anyone help? I'd kind of like to use up some of this money I have invested in product and not spend a whole lot more...

Thanks for any advice!


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    Hi Marci and welcome! I was thinking that it might have something to do with the products you are using. Here is a link to shampoos, conditioners and products that are silicone/sulfate/protein free. Cones and sulfates are generally not Curly Girl friendly. Though many CG'ers use proteins in their conditioners and products, many also find that using too much protein dries out their hair.

    I was a daily shampooer also (for many years), but I hardly ever use shampoo now. I DO a daily CO (conditioner) wash, though, and it seems to do the trick.

    Anyway, hope this helps a bit. I'm sure more 2c'ers can add some helpful tips, also.
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    Yikes! Just noticed I forgot to add the link. Sorry, here it is:

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