to gretchen:have you ever thought of inviting some curlyhead

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I would desperately love to know, what products they use, specially,when they're not going to any big event? because we always hear or read about what the stylists
do with their hair,but what about them?
My hair is fine,very curly ,although is very mixed with parts of the front very curly and underneath by the neck and strands which
are straight.Is kinda like Andie Macdowell's and the actress from the new t.v.series "the crow:stairway to heaven",Sabine Karsenti.More like the last one.
I would really like to know what do you all think,and thank you for your help.
hope to hear from you!

your sincere curlyhead sister,
p.s. Sorry for the long message.


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    Your long messages are welcome!
    My partner, Michelle, did try to contact a couple curly actresses (I forget which), but was rebuffed by rather uppity PR people. But it sure would be fun to have a chat with Juliana Margulies or someone curly cool like that, wouldn't it?
    Maybe we'll give it another shot.
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    I'd LOVE to know what Dr Sid Hanson (Melina ???) from the show Providence uses on her hair!!!!!
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    That's Melina Kanakaredes and I would love to know what she uses too!!

    That would be great to get some celebrity input, tips, and tricks!!!

    I love this site and honestly, don't know what I'd do without it!! Thanks Gretchen and Michelle!!!
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    Thanks, Jennifer!
    We'll work on getting some celebs to chat with us.
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    I have really enjoyed this site since I discovered it about a month ago. I've been spreading the word to fellow curly heads, most of whom don't even know I'm one of them. I usually straighten for work. My curly hair is kinda wild for my job.... smile.gif
    Like the new format...I think! I'll have to get used to it!
    Thanks to creators and moderators!
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    . . . and what about Renee' off "Ally McBeal"
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    Also of interest to me:

    Julia Louis-Dreyfuss
    Julia Roberts
    Julia Ormond
    Julianna Margulies

    Do you think there's some connection with this Julia thing and curls?

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