Hairstyle advice for round faces?

acacia54acacia54 Registered Users Posts: 42
I'm trying to figure out what to tell my stylist (he loves my hair straight and scoffs at my going curly) I want for a new style now that the flat iron is gathering dust. I am 3a/b and have a very round face...think yellow smilie face...and want to give him the chance to do well for me because I don't know where else to get a cut (Calgary) from someone who loves curly hair. Any links you can offer may help if I can print something off to take to him. Heck, if there's someone on here who has a great curl-friendly stylist in the northwest of Calgary, that'd be bonus advice that would make my week! A girl's gotta dream....
Mostly 3b/some 3a using CHS Curl the moisture kit and loving it so far. Even the poo, and definitely the CK!

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