Hi! New Here. Need Help!!!!

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I LOVE this site!! Ive been reading it for a couple days now. I think Im 2c. My hair is very very dry.If I rub my hair together, it sounds like straw. It gets curly if i have alot of product in it, and very dry and frizzy without it. I guess it my turn to experiment with a hundred products. $$ I just bought suave coconut cond today. Im going to try this experiment as cheap as I can. Any suggestions for moisture products??Thanks!!!:blob7:


  • KitaraKitara Posts: 1,224Registered Users
    My hair started out dry too and now it's "too" moist. Ok, it's not anymore, but it was for a little while. Are you using silicones/sulfates? If not, there are quite a few conditioners you could try. When I was overconditiond (never really thought that was real) I was using Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose (AOHR) and Jessicurl's TooShea and did a deep treatment (DT) with Jessicurl's weekly deep treatment (WDT). I was also using Giovanni's direct leave-in conditioner.

    Ok, I didn't use those all at once LOL. I rotated them, but I ended up with extreamly soft hair, but no curl.

    Anyway, there are lots more products to choose from. Look around the general hair chat board and the product reviews and you'll find a gazillion more reccomendations. Might want to check out the 2 board too. :)

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