trying to figure this out (what are "cones")

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I keep reading and reading these posts trying to figure out what everything means.

For the record I have only shampoo'd my hair about twice a week for the last several months, but I also tend to get irritated and straighten it, so now I am on an "embrace my curls kick".

What are "cones" that everyone keeps mentioning in shampoos (no I can't afford to buy the book right now, I haven't read it either, I will have to look in the library for it).

Currently the shampoo I have is Aussie Mega Moist (when I use it) and 3 minute miracle conditioner although I usually have Suave Naturals, I am out right now.

I also don't have a clue what hair type I "really" am. I think 2C or 3A. Here is a picture that shows my hair (I don't have my camera handy sorry, this is one I took for something else) So can you tell what hair type that is by that? It's super fine, but there is lots of it. I can use a blowdryer and end up with REALLY REALLY curly hair, or let it go on it's own and it's really weird wavy with ringlets underneath.
P9270009.jpg! Don't know what my hair is!


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    "Cones" are silicones and include: dimethicone, dimethiconol, amodimethicone, a long word that's like "cyclo...xane." They do not include cone-ending words that have "PEG" or "copolyol" attached to them. Cones build up on hair and can only be removed with shampoo, most efficiently with sulfate-containing shampoo. If you're following the Curly Girl philosophy, you can't use sulfates. (Check out this site's FAQ.)

    I believe there are two different versions of the Three Minute Miracle -- one is cone-free, and the other has cones. So you might want to check...if you're interested in going shampoo-less, or cutting down on shampoo. Not sure if that's what you're interested in doing, though.

    The CG book is also available at the library, fyi.

    From the pic, you look 2c...but if you get curlier, then you might be 3a.
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    Thanks so much. I've been reading reading reading, and realized after I posted here that I am probably 2C. (I am so confused! LOL). I do go shampooless because I knew it was better for my hair, but I am still, obviously, learning.

    I very much appreciate your help!! Don't know what my hair is!
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    A lot of people find their hair gets curlier when it's a bit longer. I always thought my hair was just wavy until a couple of years ago when I let it get longer than shoulder length for the first time. To my surprise, it started making spirals, and I'm really a 3a.

    I think I see some little spirals in your picture, you may have 3a potential.

    If you like your hair to be curlier, there are some products that definitely enhance the curl. [buylink=]Jessicurl Gelebration[/buylink] is one that I use on my underneath layer, which tends to be straighter.

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