transitioning+humidity= nightmare

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OK so I think I'm a 3b and I'm currently transitioning back to curly hair. I haven't relaxed since last July. I have about five inches of growth and up until now it wasn't a problem.

I moved to DC from FL during the winter and everyone kept telling me how humid it was here. I didn't think it would get as humid as FL, I was wrong. Now that it's getting warmer I can already tell that it's going to be a bigger problem in the months to come.

I've been straightening my hair every day because I don't think my relaxed hair will curl, given my past attempts. These past two weeks I can't seem to get my new growth to straighten. I have a permanent divide of curly hair and straight hair. And on top of everything else, I have frizz like I've never seen before. It looks awful.

What should I do to get my hair to behave? Should I try to scrunch my hair? If so, what are some product I should try to get my relaxed hair to curl? I would appreciate any suggestions. Please help me figure this out before the summer comes and I end up shaving my head out of desperation. Thanks!


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    oh this is the tough period. You've got enough regrowth to start to show curl yet the bottom is straight. I've lived this and all I can say is get frequent trims to get that bottom half off. For me it was worth it to go a little shorter because the more curl I got up top the more frustrated I got with the look of my hair. If you don't want to cut much or often then maybe you could wear it up? Sometimes I would use a curling iron to try to get the ends to blend in with the rest of the hair. And then sometimes I would straighten it, like you've been doing, just to look presentable. I'm sorry I don't have much to offer you but I did want to say that you are not alone.
    3B: very thick, fine, easily weighed down by products

    Current styling products:
    Biolage Gelee or BRHG on top of
    KCKT as a leave in or CK when humid
    or just Joiwhip alone for moderate weather conditions
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    hI. i am in your shoes right now. only i have only about 2 inches of grow. i had my hair relaxed in december,and yes, it took the curl out, but left me with very frizzy hair. all i could do is straighten it every day.that was fine until a few weeks ago. i live in ohio and it gets real humid here. i tried to straighten it last week and within 10 min. it started to frizz.
    what i have been doing this week is putting curl spray in, then a little curl creame.i set section by section of hair in my diffuser and dry. i then spray gel into it and re diffuse. yes im a little crunchy, but it looks pretty curly, and it seems like the more i do it the more curly it gets. i also use one of the "buns" you get at the mall or hsn. that has saved me too.
    sorry so long, but i just wanted to tell you what i do because i feel your pain. i really cant wait for my hair to be curly again.
    p.s. im back in school(after 25 years ) and when i wore it "curly"for the first time they were shocked at all my curl and loved it so ,it must look all right with my "manipulated" curls. sam

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