bald spot post-chemo????

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ok, it's not quite a bald spot but i have a noticeably thin, almost bald-looking spot on the crown of my head. 2 people have commented on it in the last two days (how rude! :wink:) so i know it's not just me noticing it. have any of you guys heard of this? i'm worried i might have caused it because when my hair first started falling out, i pulled out clumps of it in this very spot. could i have damaged the follicles? if any of you have had this problem i'd really appreciate advice. i'm only 17, and i was hoping i'd be, oh, 70? before i had bald spots, so this is understandably a little worrisome. thanks!


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    I have the same thing in (I think) the same spot you do!

    I have not been through chemo, so can not speak to losing or pulling out hair in a certain spot -- but when I wear my hair curly, I definitely notice this thin/bald spot -- I think it must be a cowlick...

    Anyway, I've learned to move my hair to cover this spot, especially if I'm wearing it curly and diffusing or air drying my hair.

    I hope your health is on the mend! :)
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  • rachel_borachel_bo Registered Users Posts: 17
    thanks! i'm done with treatment so now all i have to worry about is my hair. it's annoying because my haircut is great and i get a ton of compliments on it, but i still have this ridiculous bald spot on my crown. oh well, could be worse. :wink:
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    things to try: ovation hair ,cell treatment(not the shampoo, or conditioner,dont like ingrediants)Myself, and a post chemo friend, are trying it for thinning spots(she has similar problem to you)Hairdresser noticed all kinds of new growth:).Another thing, we want to try is curly hair solutions(website) root brush, that suposedly safely re-directs hair growth direction,they have a cool video.will let you know how it works..Michele B...holistic health practitioner..... fine,3A past shpulders, and growing,since x-ing sulfate shampoos.
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    Low thyroid, low iron , stress can cause hairloss ; if your mom is not bald then I wouldn't worry too much, it should grow back. Ask your DR. I have low iron so I am taking iron supplements. I avoid anything that will coat the scalp like silicones, mineral oil and plastics (like PVP copolymer) Jojoba oil is good. To temporarily cover, this stuff is awesome!
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    Hey, I lost some of my hair in the back of my head when I was 17-18 years old due to my epileptic medicine that I was on. I would start having tons of hair come out when I was in the shower and I began to cry. I'm not sure what to do in your case. I just went to my neurologist and he switched me to a different medicine which helped my hair grow back. No one mentioned it to me untill afterwards which I thought was nice since I was going through enough problems at the time.
    Maybe you can get some dietary supplements. If it keeps happening I would call your doctor and he/she might know what to do.
  • green-teagreen-tea Registered Users Posts: 27
    wait were going through chemo?

    I am sure your hair will grow back in time. It takes awhile especially for us curly girls. Just don't let anyone bring you down,okay? :) Maybe you could get a clip in extension there if you want a quick fix. My friend has them and they look totally natural on her.
  • mzkoco05mzkoco05 Registered Users Posts: 5
    don't worry your hair will grow back I finished chemo almost a year ago I have not got all my hair back but it is coming back natural curly I love it still very short but like green - tea said extensions work GREAT I hated the wigs I wore wigs maybe three times but know that hair is starting to grow I LOVE THE EXSTENSION! Try it let me know how it worked out:thumbup:
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    So, i went to my doctor and he said the chemo had depleted all my iron stores, so that was probably why my hair wasn't coming back. it took me 6 months, but i finally got them up to a good level, so now I'm hoping my hair will start to come back. it's long enough now that i can wear it in a ponytail, and the bald spot is completely unnoticable. you can see it if i wear my hair down, and it's frustrating to have to wear it up all the time, but at least no one notices. i also started taking biotin, so i'll see if that helps.
    mzkoco, congrats on being done with chemo!

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