thank god i found y'all!!!!

The first thing i said 2 my mom was omg they're really are people in the world besides me that have this crazy hair!! i'm new to the site so hello everyone. my father is panamanian and my mom is white with thick, dry, stick straight, bright fiery red hair, and pale with green eyes! in case you don't know but panamanians are dark with kinky hair. my hair unfortunately does not fit into any category of curly except its own. well i have lots of exp. with my mop so i will try to help ne one that i can. my biggest prob is finding someone who kows how to cut curly hair well! ne one else have this issue?!
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  • MichelleMichelle Administrator Administrators Posts: 742 Administrator
    Welcome! We're glad you found us. To find a good stylist, check out our Salons page under CurlScene. We have thousands of recommendations from curlies around the world!

    Michelle :D

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