NW Ohio?

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If anyone knows of a good curly stylist in the NW Ohio area please let me know.

I have asked this before but didn't have much luck :cry:.
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    hi. i have asked too, i live near toledo.(temperance actually). i have had a heck of a time finding a stylist that can do curly hair. everyone i get wants to straighten my hair(im transitioning now). im trying to find a good one to help with the problems that come with growing out a relaxer.
    with that said, my sister in law goes to david broadway and has jackie. she swears by her and my sis in law has really curly 4a,4b hair. she is expensive though, which is why i havnt tried her yet, but i may just give in and pay the extra. it just may be worth it. sam
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    I live in Toledo - I have had good luck w/ David Broadway Salon on Central Ave. I have several friends who go there and I have gone once myself. If you just ask to be put with someone who is good with curly hair, they will be more than happy to make a recomendation. If you have 3b/c hair, I would make sure you let them know your hair is very curly, and I think her name is Nicole (the girl who is good with tighter curls).


    eta: I have also heard that Bevels at Fallen Timbers has a good curly haired stylist. I have been told that she has some crazy curls herself...
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