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So, I'm new on the site even though I have been browsing for a month or so, and finally just have to ask.

I haven't relaxed for almost 10 months, but I am experiencing some nasty tangles on the back of my head.

Any advice for dealing with this? Is this normal? Does it say what type of hair I have? (I dont know what type it is, sorry). Should I just get it cut? And if so, anyone know anyone in/near Boston?

Thanks ahead of time :-D


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    My hair used to be very tangled in the back-till i learned to care for it-My hair is a diff texture in that spot so i really need to take good care of it. When i bc'ed it became much easier to care for although it was still super dry for about a month-U just need to learn what products work with your hair.When i started washing my hair with conditioner(vo5)it really helped-i wash my hair prob every two weeks with shampoo. I also used v05 as a leave in-but now i use my shea moisture. Sorry, i dont live in Boston
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    Red Sox fan right here! LOL
    The longer you don't relax the easier it is for your hair to become a tangled mess. What's your hair regime right now? Do you comb it every day? Are you wetting your hair before you comb it? Your relaxed ends are getting tangled up with your new growth and that's normal.
    - Maria

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    ah tangles is just the start of it. thats good news that ur natural hair is growing in. you might want to start using conditioners that state they are specifically for curly hair, so that the two textures will hopefully blend together. just keep ur hair moisturized, detangle carefully, and wear protective hairstyles while ur growing out and u should see results in no time.

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