todays bad hair day!! wat do i do..

ok today for the first time in years...mind that im only 16 i let my hair out...wet which i never do since i found a good hairstylist who can make my 3c-4a curls look nice i did that wen i left the house it looked great..i added some gel to kinda hold it down.. and wen i came home it was an absolute poof ball like an afro..does anyone know any strategies or products to elongate it and not make it an afro... and my hair blowdried is layered and the longest part is bra strap and out curly after it dried about 2hrs later it looked like a mushroom top!!! HELP ME PLEASE DONT IGNORE THIS POST EVEN IF YOUR IS A DIFFERENT TYPE!!!!!!!!!!!DESPERATE!!!
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Slightly layered
APL when stretched
About 1-2 inches under neck when wet

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    Products are a curlies best friend. And if you're straightening your hair all the time, chances are you're using silicones to prevent it from damage. That can make things difficult when styling it curly. Using gel very thoroughly throughout your hair can prevent the poof. And not touching it. That was the hardest part for me, not being able to run my fingers through my hair.

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    On those days when I can't get my curls to act right. I clip or pin my curly doo up in a curly puff. I always keep a lot of hair candy (hair accessories) around to accent with. Throw on a pair of cute earrings and your good to go. As a matter of fact I'm wearing my hair like that now.
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