How do you tell processsed hair from new natural growth?

oceanoscurooceanoscuro Posts: 5Registered Users
I permed all my hair and I chopped it off. I'm gonna keep cuting off my tips tell it's all gone.
Problem: My permed hair is less curly than my natural hair and when it's curly you can see the roots are curlier but it's not THAT obvious.
But is there any way to know where the perm stops and where natural me begins?


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    For me, feel was just as important as texture. The new growth just felt better.
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    I've been wondering the same thing.. it's hard for me to tell exactly where that demarcation line is. I have about 1 1/2 inches of new growth and I can feel the curliness when I run my fingers over my scalp (which I can't get enough of btw!). But I don't blow dry my hair anymore, I usually try to get by with making the relaxed part wavy. So when I hold my hair out to measure I get confused where the natural new growth ends and the artificially curly part begins.
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    I think when you wet your hair you can see the difference the NG look somehow wavier /curlier than the rest of your hair.
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    For me it was obvious. My relaxed hair was straighter than straight - whether wet or dry - and the natural hair was very curly.

    As your hair gets longer it'll be easier to see the demarcation line. Like Suburbanbushbabe mentioned, it'll probably also feel different too.

    If its still too hard for you to determine as I grows, I would suggest going to a salon for the big chop.
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  • mozekemozeke Posts: 480Registered Users
    For me I can tell a lot easier when it's wet and has conditioner on it. The next time you poo or co-wash try to find it. The relaxed hair should clump together straight and the NG should clump together in curls/coils. Hope this helps.
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    My hair doesn't have a very tight curl pattern, so it usually took several months(and inches) to really see the difference. I used to perm my hair every 4-6 months or so because even though my hair grows pretty fast, you couldn't really tell the new growth too much except it would frizz a bit until after month 5 where you could start to see some ripples of waves.

    When I did my BC, I wet my hair a bit then applied some curl activator gel which made my natural hair curl up but made the permed hair stringy and limp.

    Also, after the BC I co washed and put in some hard hold gel just raking. As my hair dried, the natural hair curled up, but the few little permed pieces that I missed were straight and stringy. I cut them off whenever I saw them. It only took about 3 days after the BC to finally get every last piece of permed hair off.

    Hope that helps. :)
  • mixed_beauty85mixed_beauty85 Posts: 421Registered Users
    it was very hard for me to tell either because my natural hair is very 'soft looking', i dunno if that makes sense. but as what sunshine said,the permed pieces in my hair were the very straight pieces and my natural hair texture looked very different. i been going to the salon during my whole transition, so i couldnt tell where my NG was until i started styling my hair myself at home. i still have a few ends with perm in it, but i dont want to cut my hair anymore shorter than it is.

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