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A lot of the time, I notice after washing my hair that there are sections where water didn't even penetrate and I have to hop back in the shower and wash the sections I missed. This really bugs me because I'm in the shower for so long, my hands turn to prunes :(
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    Hi, i am a newbie here :D
    Have you tried washing your hair in sections, maybe braided. This way you get to all of your hair. Though it may be time consuming, it could be worth it.
    I find making a part down the middle easiest, and conditioning my hair in two pigtails
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    Welcome to loonatick! :)

    I agree with you. I don't wash my hair in fewer than 4 sections. I also don't bother washing my hair in the shower. Not only is my shower broken, but I also need to CW hair with a heating cap/dryer first, and then detangle under cold running water, so I find it easier to wash in by kneeling in front of the bathtub.
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  • msjokermsjoker Registered Users Posts: 1,658
    Welcome! I'm definitely gonna start sectioning. Thanks for your help!
    "It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."

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