My Hair timeline

I just feel like I need to get my hair of my chest (Ohh, that sounds so funny).

Ages 1-6: Curly out, or two pig tails (or sheep tails cause it was curly)

Ages 7-12: Combed out curls and braided pigtails. I looked like an idiot

Ages 13-16: Left it out curly. I looked like an idiot most days mpstly because I've never learned how to take care of my hair. But tehre were good moments.

Ages 17-now (18 ): I started going to the salon every two weeks to straighten it but the humidity effed it up so I got a perm. It was fabulous at first. It toned down my girls and it didn't have such insane volume.

Now the roots have started to grow out, two uncoorperative textures, so now I keep it straight.

I want my curls back so I chopped my hair off to shoulder length to make the perm grow out.

I look like Dora the Explorer when I leave it curly. I've just ordered a very promising flat iron and I'll keep it straight and try not to hurt it until all my hair grows out.

Tips, suggestions, comments...I know...I'm a traitor...But I just don't feel good with all those UGH flyaways on my head. They're horrible and it just makes me feel bad.


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    hi oceanoscuro! and welcome to the boards!! i'm sorry that you're not really happy with your hair, but there are sooo many tips and advices here you can learn sooo much from! so you've come to the right place ;)

    first of all, what styling products do you use when you leave your hair curly? and have you ever heard about the Curly Girl book/method?
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    I think I've heard of CG...something along the lines of no shampoo.
    Usually when I leave my hair curly I wash it with pantene shampoo, rinse it out, put in panteen rinse, cob it out, and levae the rinse in. I wash hair once a week when It's curly. When It's staight only the salon people know what goes in my hair.

    Thanks for replying by the way
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    Ages 7-16, I'm totally with you! Been there, done that, felt like an idiot. My hair was a bit wavy when I was little. I permed my hair once a year from second grade to about age 15. It was great at first, but I didn't know how to care for it or style it so I began to hate it. When I was 15, I decided to stop getting perms and let it grow back out straight. Much to my dismay, I discovered that it had become naturally curly during puberty! So I went on hating it, but my hair was too long to flat iron or blow dry straight in a reasonable amount of time so I never messed with it. When I was around 20, I became obsessed with growing it longer. I started doing all kinds of healthy things to it and got tons of great advice on how to care for it and properly style it. Now, I absolutely adore my curls! The healthier your hair is, the better it will look.

    I haven't gotten into the CG thing. I don't know what all is suggests, but I've heard it's good. (I'm new to the forum)