When to get Deva cut?

Should I get a Deva cut ...

A. Mid-May, a late birthday present (mine's the 2nd) and in time for my portfolio review at school
B. Mid-June, in time for public print auction benefiting Doctors Without Borders and the next day my graduation

I think: B, 'cause I'll be WAY busy perfecting my portfolio during Mid-May, and the portfolio judges aren't allowed to know our identity so no sense looking all grand for them :) So I'd rather look great getting my certificate of completion and selling prints to the public during our benefit :)

I'm going to go to Hair East in Amherst, MA ... hoping I can get rid of split ends and add shape/bounciness without losing a lot of length!

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Counting down!:
Shooting my 1st wedding - May 17th
Portfolio Review - May 23rd (wish me LUCK!)
Graduation - June 20th
Move back to MAINE!! - Late July

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    Sounds like a plan to me!
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    I vote B!! I had heard that some of the other stylists at that salon had done the Deva class - you will have to let me know what you think when you go. I tracked down the stylist that used to work there - I was nervous having someone 'new' cut my hair.
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