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Hello Curly girls. (Guys?)

So I'm a newbie, but I've been to other sites, so I think I got this thing down. I'm currently transitioning from a relaxer back to my natural 4B hair. I'm trying to get back to natural because one, my hair is damaged, so I want it to be natural right now, and two, because I want to wear my hair as sort of a curly (not poofy) afro-ish sort of style that my aunt did a little while ago.

The questions:
Is there anyone who is in my same position?
Can you reference me to any products to excentuate my natural hair?
Do you know what I can do about damage?

You guys' help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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    Welcome! Do you have a photo of your current hair and your hair goal? For now, I would focus on keeping the new growth healthy and moisturized, and trimming off whatever is damaged. Just working with that.
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    Welcome! Do you have a photo of your current hair and your hair goal? For now, I would focus on keeping the new growth healthy and moisturized, and trimming off whatever is damaged. Just working with that.

    Sorry, nope I don't have pics. And I would trim, but my hair is already at just above my shoulders, and it's like, frizzy around the ends. So I guess I'll just take the healthy and mosturized advice. I'm gonna try to get one of the products off this site. Hope it helps!

    Oh, and thanks a bunch.
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    If you don't have your own pics, maybe you could post pics of hair that resemble yours. Also, have you checked out the 4a and 4b threads? The General Hair discussion and Growing out would also be helpful, especially for product recommendations.

    Also, what products do you currently use? Do you do the CG routine?
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    HI!Welcome.I'm transitioning too i'm almost in the 8th month:)One thing that i can tell you is whatever the difficulties may be don't give up!I'm not really good in suggesting product but you can try the ones named in this link for 4ab hair:http://www.naturallycurly.com/hair-types

    For the damage according to the type of damage their different ''cures''.If you have weak hair that breaks easily try a protein treatment such as aphogee.If you have dry hair try some hot oil treatment s and some moisturizing masks or DT.I'll also suggest you to try co-washing and clarify with a SLS free shampoo every once in a while!Good luck!
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    Thanks guys. :toothy7: I'll try some of the stuff you told me. And I'll try to get some pics that resemble my hair. I'll just do a little more searching around this site and find what else I can get.

    Oh, and I've recently been using Sunsilk Hairapy for pouffy hair, but I'm running out. I've also used Optimum Oil Therapy shampoo with four kinds of hair oils. For product, I use Africa Royal (or something along those lines) hair oil. I'm trying to moisturize my hair, but all I've got is a fuzzy hair line, damaged and broken ends, and some new growth. I'm trying to "embrace my curls" I guess you could say, but at the same time I'm transitioning, so my hair is pretty fragile. So I'm not sure what I should use. But THANKS for your help and I'll check out the other boards for some more advice.
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    try this product i used it help me a lot on my transitioning. i am also 4b and 6 months to the process.
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