can a haircut make hair more curly?

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Can a haircut make your hair more curly? I ask bc for the first time ever, I have super spirally 3a curls. It could be bc my hair is the longest it's been since I've actually taken care of my hair, but I wonder if the last stylist I saw cut my hair in such a way that it's way more curly (and I hate to admit that, bc she totally butchred my hair otherwise!).


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    my friends hair was really straight and poofy so i asked her if i could do her hair for her and see if it would come out curly. she agreed and had beautiful curls that she didnt know about, it was because her hair was really long and the curls were pulled out and when we scrunched it in a pony tail it was great.

    now i have a reason for this story, hehe. so then my friend went and got her hair cut, really just a trim, but wow, what a difference. she has really nice curls now, if she would just get it cut a bit shorter, her whole hair would spring up but she likes it long so whatever.
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    Yeah, it can. But that's the 3a paradox, growing it can too!
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    It is a hard balance to find. If I have my hair too short, it doesn't curl well.
    In my experience, it is better to just keep letting my hair grow than having a stylist cut it who doesn't know what to do with curly hair. Even if they don't cut too much off, my curl takes forever to recover.
    But ... if you can find a stylist who knows how to work with curl, it can make a huge difference. Anytime my hair is cut by my new stylist, it always curls better. If it is starting to fall flat on me, I'll go in for a quick fix up. She will only cut the spots that are falling flat .. after she is finished, you would never know it has been cut (length wise), other than it is much curlier with better volume. :)
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    It absolutely can make a difference. I have my hair cut in layers and my stylist is great at cutting them so they all blend together and it causes the curl to just bounce. Plus, even when I go in for micro trims, just taking that tiny bit of weight off makes the curl come back out.
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    I'll also second the difference. I had pretty long hair and when I chopped it off to about shoulder length it got so much curlier because it wasn't as weighed down. I think theres pics in my fotki from when I went to get it cut.
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    On the other hand, I cut mine (3a with a little b) thinking that it would make it curlier, and I found that it lost all its b. now I'm growing it out again and suddenly I have my tighter ringlets back again, which I like much better. it depends on the hair, I guess. Mine likes being trimmed every few weeks (I do it myself). Also layering can help?
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    I don't think it changes your texture no, but a good hair cut for wavies & curlies is essential! Lorraine Massey has a good point when she says to cut at the beginning of a "C" or "S" - that's the difference for me as a wavy between ends that stick out all over the place and neatly formed waves. How the ends are sort of determines your do, makes the difference between spiky waves and neatly behaved ones that are in line with the rest of my hair.

    Right now I'm still letting it grow out from a very short inverted bob, and it's noticeable. If I gain more length, then I'll definitely apply Massey's technique more to my hair. Right now it's only here and there that I can cut a bit. I only get long elongated S'es so the beginning of a C or S makes the difference between my length now and short-short. Patience... :lol:
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    I notice a difference when I trim my hair. Length doesn't necessarily make a difference. I think it has to do with having blunt ends. When you let it grow without trimming it, the ends eventually begin to fizzle out to nothingness. When my hair is like that, the ends do not curl up well at all.

    I know a girl who grew her hair her whole life into adulthood without ever trimming it. (it reached her knees) When she was in her early 20's, she cut it about to her hips, and it was curly! She keeps it trimmed now and has beautiful loose wavy/curly hair.