How's Kenra?

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I saw this in Trade Secrets the other day. They have a new sulfate-free Platinum colletion, but I was looking at the Moisturizing Shampoo(for lo-poo since it has mild surfacants) and the Moisturizing Conditioner or Emollient treatment. I want to get on a routine of cond washes/poo 1X/week/clarify 1x/mo..

My hair is EXXtra dry and need some moisure. If you do use any of the products which ones are good? TIA


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    the moisturising shampoo, conditioner and intensive emollient treatment are the ones i use and they're awesome. they're staples for me
  • OldSoulOldSoul Registered Users Posts: 268
    Have not tried platinum collection....

    Hated the kenra shampoo (dried my hair out, tangles galore)

    Hated kenra moisturizing conditioner (made my hair fluffy, yet dry?)
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    I use the Moisturizing Conditioner everyday for my conditioner washes. It's a staple for me too.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    I've tried the platinum collection for coarse/dry hair. I liked the conditioner. The Shampoo was ok - not stripping, but not overly moisturizining either.

    The Intensive Emollient Treatment is very good. Be careful not to use it daily, as it has a high protien content. But it's great as a hair repair treatment.

    There's a putty that smells like Hubba-Bubba grape gum - I forget the name - that's also good to keep away the frizzies.

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