Good by to chemical straighteners

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I have been chemically straightening my hair with the Chi straightner for around 7 years. Its so expensive and I'm ready to let my hair be curly again. However, the curls are new to me and I am having trouble making it look decent. My natural hair is around a 3B, with 3C curls right at the front and the bottom of my hair is around a 2B. I like my curls to look chunky, not stringy, and I'm struggling getting the curls to look decents with the different levels that are all on my head. Any advise for growing your hair out??


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    Just want you to know that I feel your pain. I'm also trying to grow out a chemical treatment. I'm new here too and I've been poking around to get some tips on how to handle. You're at the best place to get help. Good Luck! And remember, you're not the only one going through this and by coming're not alone. :wink:
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    Welcome to NC! :D

    Transitioning can be difficult, but it's doable.

    Try doing a search on "braid out" or "twist out" or "transition style." Hopefully you'll find some ways to do your hair.

    What I did was to wash/co at night then use a leave-in and some gel and put it into several braids(like 4 - 6 or so) and let it air dry over night. In the morning I would take it down and it would all be the same wavy texture. You can do the same thing with twists. If you want straighter hair, there are roller sets where you use rollers to style your hair, but I was never good at that so I can't help there.

    Good luck on your transition! :)

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