what do you do in the last 10 mins at work?

gemidevigemidevi Posts: 510Registered Users
once school started, i left my software job to work as a research peon at the econ institute at school...and on some days, its soooo boring here! i have ten or so mins left and i am itching to leave! so, i thought i would ask you all, what do you do in the last ten mins of work??
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  • curlyarcacurlyarca Posts: 8,449Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    i chose other:

    i pack up.
    i finish up whatever i'm doing.
    sometimes i play on the internet or talk to my officemates. ok, most of the time.

    and i watch the clock and think about what i'm going to do when i leave. :)

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  • sweetpeacurlisweetpeacurli Posts: 343Registered Users
    i play on the internet or try to look busy... same as the previous 9+ hours.
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  • NetGNetG Posts: 8,116Registered Users
    The programs I work on take so long to shut down, my last ten minutes are spent saving and shutting down programs, doing my electronic timecard, shutting off my computer, and locking it up for the night (laptop).
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  • deezee02deezee02 Posts: 1,509Registered Users
    finish up projects..leave notes for opener or closer (depending on my shift)

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  • goldygoldy Posts: 5,463Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    other: i am giving report to oncoming shift the last ten minutes of my worknight :)
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  • Sweet CurlySweet Curly Posts: 32Registered Users
    i play on the internet or try to look busy... same as the previous 9+ hours.

    LOL. Ditto.
  • LipGlassHoneyLipGlassHoney Posts: 230Registered Users
    I sit there and look at my students for the last ten minutes.
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  • AnnannAnnann Posts: 36Registered Users
    I pack up, shut systems down, forward my phone into voicemail, go to the bathroom, come back, grab my purse and I'm out the door!!
  • skywatcherskywatcher Posts: 429Registered Users
    I said other... Run to the washroom, pack up my stuff, finish things up, last check of email, shut down computer, lock up.

    ** sometimes I do the "play on the internet or try to look busy" thing too :lol: if it has been a slow day.
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  • SpringcurlSpringcurl Posts: 8,002Registered Users
    I'm actually on the air captioning the noon news. I get out at 12:30-- the same time the news is over.

    During commercial breaks I clean up my desk, throw away any stray papers, get my bags together, etc.

    At 12:30 I hang up the modem, shut down my computer and am out the door before anyone has a chance to say goodbye. :D

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